About Us

Our Spooky Story
Custom Haunts came to life when we wanted to create our very own spooky Halloween yard haunt and personalized Halloween decor. Little did we know that this ghoulish tale was only just beginning…

When friends, family, and neighbors asked where we’d found all these spooky creations, they couldn’t believe we’d made them ourselves. They asked us to make one for them, two more for their friends, and a couple of extras for their colleagues at the office. Before we knew it we were making handmade custom Halloween tombstones every evening and weekend simply trying to keep up.

We kept expanding our range of designs and figured out how to make other scary pieces like Halloween props, tombstone accents, and crypts and we never looked back. Today you’ll find us creating every type of Halloween tombstone and prop you can imagine by hand from our base right here in Brewer, Maine. It’s our passion, we love it, and the pieces are so haunting that they scare us sometimes!

Your Custom Haunt
To make sure you get the perfect piece of Halloween yard art you’ve been looking for, we have an ever-growing range of scary options and ghastly creations for you to choose from. We can even help you get the custom Halloween tombstones that will make your front yard one to remember for years to come. Perfect when you want to give every visitor and passerby a real fright that’ll make them jump.

Whether it’s a classic RIP gravestone, a spine-tingling gothic cross, or a tombstone that makes you stop and look in horror, we’re the spooky specialists who’ll put it together. All you have to do is be brave enough to take a look inside and pick out how you want to scare the rest of the street.

Ready when you are…